June bugs in July: Some DC Street Art

Found Street art! Hear ye! Hear ye! Watch where you walk for there are little sneaky spots of creativity.  What have YOU seen lately on your trek through the concrete jungle?

Here is “Immigrant Roots Immigrant Rights” in an alley on U Street in between 12th and 13th Streets. I know someone who knows someone who I tried to friend on Facebook but he didn’t accept my request and he’s the guy who does this image.  I guess his name is Cesar Maxit. Anyway, I love it!  Seen it a couple places around the dis-trict.

At the vitaminwater uncapped LIVE event last month.

And, then, I found this on 14th Street.  Great wheatpaste image AND some punk ass graffiti all over it.  Well guess what, dude, your addition to the piece actually became part of the art anyway. In yo face tagger! Anyone know who did this original, Native American image?

That’s all cats and kitties. Namaste for now!


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