Hill Country Karaoke: Say Yee-Haw to Hump Day!

Have YOU been to Hill Country on 7th and D in Penn Quarter yet?  Might I suggest you pull those cowboy boots outta the closet and mosey on over to the rockin-est, rollin-est, beer served in mason jars to rowdy crowds at long wooden tables, Texas BBQ kinda place this close to Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday nights Hill Country has a live band host karaoke downstairs in the basement, where the bold (and quite possibly inebriated) step up on stage and run the show, for at least the entire duration of their pop song.  That’s the other thing, don’t let this menu deceive you, its not just Country karaoke.  The band plays all types of mainstreamy, radio-friendly, can’t-help-but-sing-along-from-your-seat tunes.  I sang Cee Lo Green’s hit “Forget You” (although the bar crowd version) with some awesome ladies and let me just tell you, it is way more fun than most Wednesdays normally warrant.

And, ya know partner, they even have a costume corner just in case you really are feelin’ that urge to don a ten gallon before you sing your Bon Jovi song.

One last note on this wonderful Wednesday retreat down South, Hill Country has an AWESOME salad bar for those of us who don’t eat meat!  Just expect to get a bit of a chuckle from the chef when you ask for the vegetarian options.

Catch ya around the corral, cuties!



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