Scoring tickets to Virgin Mobile Freefest is Fierce: I get by with a lil help from my friends

If you’re anything like me, the combination of the words “free” and “music” is like, well, free music to your ears.  And as it turns out, most people ARE like me because there was the electronic equivalent of a super market raid before a storm at the Virgin Mobile Live facebook fanpage today.

Virgin Mobile (yes part of the Virgin empire created by super dashing business mogul Richard Branson) throws a music festival at Merriweather, the shabby chic shed venue in Columbia, MD. The line-up this year is fantastic and Merriweather is, so far, my favorite venue on the East Coast.However, FreeFest isn’t shaping up to be free for all.  Grrrr. There were some seriously frustrated folks this morning. Starting at 10 AM you could register for free tickets if you ‘liked’ their fanpage on facebook and then clicked a link and kept refreshing like a maniac for the next 10 minutes. Because I think by 10:09 AM all the free tickets were gone.  I was one of the unfortunate folks who kept receiving an error page instead of the proper link to get my tickets. BLAST! 

photos courtesy of Flora

In my musical manic panic I was gchatting with my friends who are festival gurus and somehow they got extra tickets and somehow… somehow… with a lil help from my friends… I scored tickets in the end! They got extra through presale and it was just a happy end to the story, after all. Hooraaaaaaaaaay!

So this post is a heartfelt thank you to my lovely friends and a musical shout out to everyone!  If you still want to go to Freefest there are still tickets available, for a price! In their own words, they aren’t sold out they’re freed out.

That is all for now.



One thought on “Scoring tickets to Virgin Mobile Freefest is Fierce: I get by with a lil help from my friends

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