Campus Party in Mexico City: Woodstock for Geeks

I’ve always idealized the swingin’ 60s and the happy hippie generation’s ability to point to one pinnacle moment in time as having helped define it.  My generation is far more instantaneously muddled, tweeted, texted and vexed. 

We live in a cut-copy-paste world, having grown up as the internet itself was growing up, where everything is just another version of something before it.  Hell…. we couldn’t even get our own 1999 Woodstock right.  (Wrong line up anyway.)But today, I was surprisingly delighted at the shape our generation is taking.  If there IS one thing we can claim as our own, its exactly the monster we’ve created and rely on endlessly: the internet.  Today I got to see us in action, as thousands of tech geeks gathered for a conference on everything from gaming to blogging to the future of copyright laws and cyber space. Campus Party in Mexico City.The best part of this conference?  4,000 tents line the Bancomer Expo Center in Mexico City and the loveable techy nerds camp out for the week. A true tech-fest in action!  The Expo Center is open 24 hours a day for the event and these internet fiends work, play, eat and sleep as they please.  All dialed into the internet 24/7 at long tables. Thousands of them.  I heard from one of the organizers that the peak upload time for these cats is around 3am.  Here’s a short little video I threw together on the flip cam to show you how many people were there to listen to the impressive and phenomenal speakers on the various stages and panels:

So, in short, our generation is defining the future of the human race. Through Twitter and LOL Cats.  And stuff….

Namaste from Mexico City kitties



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