Wet Hot American Summer: A Dive-In Movie

Yesterday as tempetures soared, turning the District’s residents into true swamp monsters, some found a brief relief from the heat at a Capitol Skyline pool party.Capitol Skyline has become infamous for their summertime pool parties and last night was no exception, with an outdoor screening of the 2001 comedy Wet Hot American Summer. A dive-in movie!  What could be better than watching a comedy, in a pool, with a beer in your hand?$12 got you a free drink, a free s’more  (yes–you heard right! delicious s’mores in little tinfoil packs on the bbq) and a dip in the pool while the movie was screened.As the sun set and folks finally started to cool down in the pool, this funny and quirky movie featuring a surprisingly well-known cast, had the audience laughing, shouting and occasionally belly-flopping into the deep end.  Be sure to check out the next pool party at Cap Skyline, hosted by Brightest Young Things, on Saturday July 30th.  That’s all for now cats and kittens!



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