Rawesome Raid: Federal Agents take down raw milk renegades

This Wednesday armed federal agents busted into Rawesome Foods, a small and locally owned market in Venice, CA to arrest the owner and seize all the organic, raw foods on the premises.  The owner, James Stewart, is being held on $123,000 bail.  What was his offense?

Selling raw, unpasteurized milk without a permit!

Needless to say, the good healthy people of Venice were pissed.  A protest was held Thursday morning at the LA City courthouse. I’m shocked that armed federal agents would need to break into a well-known establishment and treat it like a hostile war zone.  I haven’t even seen this kind of decisive, hostile action taken against the sex trafficking industry which, indeed, is alive and well.

Nick Ut/Associated Press, courtesy of LA Times

According to the LA Times, the arrests come after a year-long undercover investigation where agents purchased raw dairy products from the market and stands across Southern California.  The irony (or further irony–beyond California tax dollars going to a macho-gun-toting-take-down of a health food Co-Op) is that the raid happened the same week that the Agriculture Department has recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to more than 70 salmonella illnesses in 26 states, including a death in California.  Turkey sold by major national chain food retailers. Say WHAT?

I’m sure a lot of people will have strong opinions on this, either way.  Its a question of public health standards and operational consistency, but also seems like excessive use of force and destruction of property.  Following the rules and complying with regulations is one thing.  But couldn’t this have been handled differently? Please let me know what YOU think about this!

In the meantime, cats and kittens, I’m stickin’ to my soy milk!

That’s all for now!



5 thoughts on “Rawesome Raid: Federal Agents take down raw milk renegades

  1. Great post Aimee, thanks for sharing to those on the east coast, and here in LA…and everyhwere you are read! I myself do not drink raw milk, or any cow’s milk…but I do support healthy food and eating habits. I do support the freedom for each of us to choose what we digest into our own bodies. This raid was unethical, illegal, and cost taxpayers (in CA no less, a state that has NO extra money for this) money.

    Now about that soy milk…have you tried Almond Milk out? 🙂 Less hormonal influence than soy. I encourage you to look into the way soy is made, why it has become SO popular in the last five years (government kick backs, etc) and what it really does to the bodies endocrine/lymphatic system. To good health! xo

  2. I grew up on a dairy farm and drank unpasteurized raw milk straight out of the milk tank for my whole childhood. Never got sick from it once. The FDA is crazy. They refuse to crack down on the extremely dirty factory farms but will put an Amish farmer in jail for selling raw milk to a neighbor. Selling raw milk should be legal.

  3. These over the top actions by the govt. are bizarre indeed. And only in the USA it seems. I wish the Rawesome crew all the best in their fight.

    Oh, and I have to agree with Alia, soy is about as natural, hippie and healthy as a Pop Tart stuffed with Twinkies. It’s the biggest con in the health food world.

    Grass fed milk, A2 milk, goats’ milk etc are all far healthier but if you really can’t cope with any sort of dairy, go black!

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