Another way to say Yee-Haw to Hump Day! A lil Cowgirl Creamery from California.

Be the star of the party and roll in with some high class wine and stinky cheese!

Photo by Chris Hardy courtesy of LA Times

Have YOU been to Cowgirl Creamery in Penn Quarter yet?  Its a organic California artisan cheese shop with two locations on the Golden Coast and one right here in DC.  Even the most culinary clueless can roll in 15 minutes before the party, pick up one of their small bags of featured cheeses, a bottle of wine, some olives and prosciutto, smoked salmon or marinated mushrooms and you are sure to be a hit!My favorite is the MT TAM, a creamy, buttery and quite delectable bite.  The kind of soft, rich cheese that makes you remember why cheese making is an ancient art form that predates recorded human history.  And still has a bright future.As if the cheese isn’t enough of a draw, the history of Cowgirl Creamery is just as delicious.  Two women, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith started making organic cheeses in 1997 in a small barn near San Francisco, CA.  They’re committed to making cheese in an environmentally responsible way, while being sustainable land stewards.Also, you can check out their library of cheese online and increase your dairy vocabulary!Stop by Cowgirl Creamery and try a sandwich for lunch or grab some cheese and wine for your next soiree.  Just don’t forget the crackers!

That’s all for now. But not to worry my vegan friends, keep an eye out for the ultimate veggie edition coming soon.



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