The Book of Mormon: Barside banter and a beer-filled review

Last night, over pizza and beers at Chef Geoff’s restaurant Lia’s in Chevy Chase, a friend  was telling me about his trip to NYC over the weekend, where he saw The Book of Mormon on Broadway.  If I ever thought the outlandish creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone couldn’t push comedic boundaries any further,  I guess I’ll have to keep holding my breath. My friend summed up the entire show as “over the top.”  Again, setting down my Guinness and wiping away the beerstache, I ask “but how was it?”  OVER THE TOP.

I do not doubt his assessment.  I’m a South Park nerd but sometimes even I stare gape-mouthed at the TV and cringe a bit during an episode. To call it offensive would be a compliment.  And yet, its amazing what truths develop in comedy.  Back in NYC, its was a hot and rainy summer day and somehow my friend snagged tickets. Damn.  I remember hearing an NPR story back in June, right after the show claimed 9 Tony Awards, about how impossible it is to score tickets.  Sold out for two years or something.  People are chomping at the bit to get a view of this spectacularly crude, rude and yet tender-hearted story.As I order a second beer (the first time I’ve EVER had a Boddingtons before and its delicious!) he shows me a clip on his iphone:

And you know, I think the show seems kinda sweet.  I mean, after all, slightly endearing.  What do YOU think?  Want to see it?

That’s all for now cats and kittens.



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