Meet Max, your DC Pedicab Peddler: Hop on and Hang out!

This is Max (eating a peach from the Farmer’s Market in Penn quarter).  He is your local DC pedicab driver.   Being a pedicab driver in DC means you rent the bike from DC Pedicab but the business is all your own, which makes for some excellent diversity.Max grew up in Virginia but has lived in DC, LA and NY.  While his acting career brings him from coast to coast, when he is here in DC this avid cyclist is usually on a bike.   During the week you can find him around the White House, in front of museums or along the National Mall poised to rescue the exhausted tourists hoofing it along.Because each pedicab driver operates independently, the ride is always a unique experience.  Max explains that there’s one guy who is a History teacher during the school year and during the summer peddles his passengers around DC offering a proper text book tour.  Another lady has turned the cab into a pumpkin, dresses up as a princess and gives every little girl her dream fairy tale tour through the city.So, if you need a late-night ride home from a bar, want to cruise the National Mall in style or find yourself stuck at the end of a Nats game, keep an eye out for the pedicabs!  And feel free to email Max at to plan the perfect date night.  Its way more fun to cruise en plein air anyway!

That’s all for now cats and kittens.



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