Wet Weekend Warrior: Not your watered down round up!

Last week I trekked the 2,600 miles back to the homeland of LA.  After a year and a half of living on the East Coast, I found it rather quaint that people on the West Coast were complaining about the “heat.”  To me, 90 degrees with no humidity and a cool ocean breeze that settles in around 6pm, is hardly the tough life! Back on the East Coast, having just nearly missed the dreaded Hurricane Irene, we’ve been facing a week-long, non-stop downpour here.  Which brings me to the weekend plans:  You may remember that I miraculously beat the crowds and scored tickets to Virgin Mobile Freefest back in July.  And now here we are, a day before the long-awaited event, and I can’t seem to find anyone still willing to go!  Granted, its supposed to be raining all weekend and, well, its been raining so much that the Merriweather grounds may be more akin to a slip n’ slide fail.  Still, Cee Lo Green, Black Keys, Ghostland Observatory, Deadmaus5… does anyone want to go to tomorrow’s festival?  Let me know! I could swing either way. Speaking of…Lest you think its all rainy Jane around here, let’s remember some of the things we do when the sun is out!  The acroyoga friends we made at Meridian Hill Park last month have put together a really cool video. Go to the Facebook Acroyoga page, scroll down and ‘like’ the video posted by Elizabeth Tomber here: http://www.facebook.com/acroyoga Help send them to California in a contest for Divine Play Acroyoga.

And also… on to the serious stuff. Reality. No really. There really is a cool event coming up. Seriously. For realz. For really. For real-ity.  NYC friends, Boulder, CO friends, China, Indonesia, Paris friends, from DC to the Dominican Republic. Thailand to Tunisia, anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can be apart of something together.  Acknowledgment of science.  A dose of reality.

We’re one week away. Yeay!

CH-ch-ch-check it.



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