Make the Most of your Melons: Become a Fruit Carving Cutie!

Although we are in the middle of the first full week of September, don’t let the fall allergy commercials and the lame-stream media touting the end of summer ruin your sunshine buzz!  The autumnal equinox doesn’t hit until September 23rd and as far as I’m concerned, its more important now than ever to make the most of this final summer fling. So, in honor of the waning summer days, throw one last blow-out BBQ and learn from the best how to wow your guests!  Let’s find out from chef Louis how to carve a watermelon and create some edible art.First, start with a very thin, small blade.  Something like an x-acto knife works best.  Then, carefully cut off the green skin on one half of the watermelon.  Be sure to have a bowl nearby to catch the little scraps!Once you’ve cleaned off an entire half, trace a circle in the center and cut along an outer ring.From here, trace little lines, almost like creating rays coming out of a sun.  Next make a dot with your pencil a bit out and in the middle of each line, and connect into a triangle. Cut along the lines.Keep marking dots in the center of your new lines, and cut into triangle shapes.  Soon, beautiful flower petal shapes burst forth from your melon.Once you have your triangle shapes cut you can make them even more detailed by trimming the center of each. Then keep following the pattern by marking and cutting more triangles. Once you reach the end of the top half, give the bottom edge a bit of a clean up. Pretty soon, if you are patient and diligent like chef Louis, you will have a gloriously flowering watermelon! Trust me, when you bring it to parties people will fret about eating such a masterpiece.  Just tell them, its fruit, DIVE IN!Most importantly, have fun!

Stay cool cats and kitties,



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