Finding balance amid the mess: Mind-Body Week in DC

Hey DC–does all this talk about upcoming elections, campaign promises, economies and enemies, corporate anonymity, hippy protests, political unrest, wall street to main street discourse have you feeling… tense? A bit out of sorts?  Like you can’t seem to keep your head on straight?

Well, here’s a chance to feel balanced and reconnect with what makes you happy and whole.  Its Mind-Body week! Experts from the science, medicine and healing fields are gathering together to provide scientific evidence on the connection between mind and body through panels, presentations, yoga and guided meditation.I’m a strong believer in the mind body connection and that you are internalizing your every thought and emotion and transforming it into a tangible reality–even without knowing it.  There’s a great lineup of speakers and this conference looks like a fantastic opportunity to bring together a community reflecting principles that are often ignoroed by Western medicine. Take a deep breath and cruise on over to one of the many scheduled events.  Visit the website to learn more.If you can’t make it to the conference but want to explore more about the mind and body and business connection and how it can lead you to success, watch this amazing talk by one of my favorites: Deepak Chopra (he even talks about wall street, too.)

Deepak Chopra in conversation with Lisa Napoli from Ted Habte-Gabr on Vimeo.

Remember to breathe and be good to yourself and those around you!  Bust out those divine attributes kittens 🙂



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