DC Scooter Cruisin’ on a ride through Rock Creek Park

Today’s post is a toast to the scooter. The motor bike. The Vespa. The zippy, zany, fuel efficient ride that is fun and environmentally conscious.  I had the pleasure of riding on the back of one recetly through Rock Creek ParkThe park is our hidden gem; the blur of the city opens up into expansive nature as bicyclists, motorcyclists, dog-walkers, joggers, and apparently bloggers, swerve through the winding road, feeling a brief escape from the summer tourist tidal wave.This is that jaunt.  A few shots snapped from the back of the bike.  Hang on tight!  (please note the mirror: I am not hanging on tight.)Once through the park you can cruise down to the Waterfront for a fantastic view and the pleasant realization that you are not land-locked.The beauty of the scooter is that it sort of forces you to take it easy. 35-40 mph easy.  And you’re outside so you notice all sorts of people and places and magical little moments you’d normally just ignore.So hop on a bike and cool off with a little wind in your hair!Really, I just don’t understand anyone who doesn’t agree that summer is the best season of all.Just remember to ALWAYS wear a helmet. (Trust me. The full story is for another post!)

That’s all for now cats and kittens



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